parents that put so much emphasis on you being “the good child” and then react outrageously every time you screw up are the absolute worst

fill in the blanks

1. name: alyssa
2. birthday: october 12th
3. favorite color: blue/gray/black
4. lucky number: frick idk 
5. height: 5’2ish

1. last dream you remember: i NEVER remember dreams omg i do not have an answer
2. can you juggle: nooope
3. art/sports/both: my art skills are mediocre but i enjoy watching the occasional baseball game
4. do you like writing: yesss indeed
5. do you like dancing: not particularly
6. do you like singing: horribly off key


1. dream vacation: probably new zealand/australia
2. dream date: movie i guess??? i like watching people watch movies plus minimal talking cause i’m bad at that. also or anywhere with dogs. yes dogs.
3. dream guy/gal/nb: understand my humor and not be intimidated by my atrocious family/ must love dogs/floppy hair is nice idk???
4. dream wedding: middle of the woods probably. but realistically probably the beach
5. dream pet: the larger the breed of dog, the better. 
6. dream job: reality tv star. orrrrrrrrrrr elementary ed teacher


1. favorite song: i’ve just discovered i’ll make a man out of you from mulan and that’s been the jam
2. favorite album: i have noooooooooo idea? currently frozen soundtrack bYE
3. favorite artist: ooo currently tonight alive
4. last song you heard on the radio: it might’ve been happy or monster i think
5. least favorite song: ah idk
6. least favorite album: nope
7. least favorite artist: don’t caaaaaaaaare


1. guys/girls/nb: guys
2. hair color: dark blond/light brown-ish 
3. eye color: blue prooobably
4. humorous/serious: dude’s gotta know when to utilize both, y’know?
5. taller/shorter: taller. it’s not that hard
6. biggest turn-off: awful hygiene and really rude behavior like not the stupidly attractive cockiness but just blatant rudeness like nope BYE
7. biggest turn-on: baseball playeeeeeeeeeers and also just be really funny!! lately though it’s been dudes who are like super stereotypically italian??? idk boys

yoooo so who’s gonna hook a girl up with a download link to the first episode of free agents?? thx :)))

    the winter soldier: a summary

  • everyone: bucky no
  • bucky: BUCKY YES
  • bucky: ......who's bucky